What is the best way to get travel insurance in Australia?

Thu 22 December 2016

Travel insurance in Australia is not only taken out by the elite few people who travel for business purposes and live in big cities like Melbourne or Perth but is now very popular among all kinds of travelers from all parts of Australia.

The reason why Travel insurance in Australia is so popular among all people is that based on the policies chosen for business or for leisure, in case the travel has been canceled, you are entitled to travel as well as accommodation expenses, you are also eligible for dental as well as medical expenses. As part of the insurance cover, you can get additional transport and also expenses for accommodation. If you are in the hospital for over 48 hours, you are given cash per day to help with the expenses. These insurance covers delayed transport with meal expenses and accommodation being taken care of too. They help with assistance regarding personal baggage as well as travel documents and in the case of accidental death or loss of sight or limb; the cover ensures compensation is provided. When there are special events, and cancellation needs to be done, the cancellation expenses are borne by the company. In the case of baggage delays, an amount is given towards emergency purchases.

Travel insurance in Australia is very easy to avail of, and the procedure is exceedingly simple. It can be done either through travel agents, or it can be done online as well.


Application process

The process of applying for Travel insurance in Australia is simple. In order to get a quote, you need to select the type of policy that you want to avail of and then on the basis of it, the premium is calculated. This is based on the summary that you have provided along with your details as well as the features of the insurance cover that you have opted for.


Purchasing online insurance

To purchase travel insurance, you are eligible to do so only if you meet the following criteria:

  1. You should be over 18 years of age
  2. The children who will be accompanying you on the travel are lesser than 21 years of age, and they live in your home and with you in Australia
  3. The travelers are all permanent residents of Australia
  4. The travel starts and ends in Australia
  5. The travel has not yet begun.
  6. You and any of the travelers who need to be covered under the policy do not have any pre-existing condition such as lung conditions except asthma, heart condition, metastatic cancer, reduced immunity due to treatment or a medical condition or kidney failure
  7. If any of the travelers has taken two or more than two travel-related claims in the last five years
  8. Always check this QBE travel insurance policy to ensure you fit the criteria 

If you are ineligible to purchase online travel insurance, you can still call the insurance company or find online travel insurance information, and they can assist you and help you with what are your options or how you can still go ahead and avail of travel insurance.



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