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Thu 22 December 2016

Luxaflex Window Fashions is well known for quality design and innovation.  When it comes to window coverings, shutters, and awnings, you can count on Luxaflex. 

Based out of Sydney, Luxaflex offers finely crafted articles that both accent your home’s décor and provides the privacy or shade that you desire.  Additionally, products can be customized to fit the most challenging requirements from odd window shapes and sizes to rooms with high humidity to hard-to-reach places.  A representative is ready to assist with all specifications.

Window Coverings

 Luxaflex has a variety of blinds and shades. Color, size, shape, and even material of the product can be tailored to meet customer satisfaction.  Some options include aluminum, timber and wood and Polysatin. 

  • Roller Blinds:  smooth operation; EDGE technology
  • Timber Venetian Blinds:  glossy finishes; various shades
  • Wood Essence Blinds:  alternative to timber blinds; resistant to moisture
  • Aluminum Blinds:  three different sizes of slats; unique modern look
  • Roman Shades:  ideal for contemporary décor; available in 3 different designs
  • Pirouette Shades:  compliments Luminette sheers for control of lighting
  • Duette Shades:  Promotes energy efficiency; helps to block drafts
  • Silhouette Shades:  Easy to clean and maintain; diffuses light



An awning designed and constructed by Luxaflex is a perfect addition to the garden to shade from the warm Sydney sun, and there thirteen varieties to choose from.  These will complement the exterior of your home while serving a practical purpose.  They also come in diverse shades and sizes to add flair to your outdoor design.

  • Evo Awning:  UV protection; promotes energy efficiency
  • Lock Arm Awning:  perfect for the second floor; come in various colors
  • Straight Drop Awning:  excellent for balconies; reduces glare
  • System 2000 Awning:  come in a wide range of colors; diverse uses
  • SUNRAIN Awning:  provides protection all year round; heating and lighting options
  • Como Awning:  ideal for “enclosing” a patio; durable fabric
  • Garda Awning:  “Folding Arm”; Provides optimum coverage
  • Canopy Awning:  suitable for windows; decorative
  • Ventura Awning:  durable enough to withstand the wind; “folding arm.”
  • Fixed Metal Awning: post supports (optional); custom designed pattern



Shutters also come in variations specifically for indoor or outdoor use, depending on the model chosen and intended purpose.  Just like the blinds and shades, Luxaflex shutters also come in a variety of colors and materials.

  • PolySatin Shutters:  perfect for indoor or outdoor humid areas; smooth design
  • Timber Shutters:  wide open view from indoors; available in 20 different finishes
  • Aluminum Shutters: durable; indoor or outdoor use



 Many of the Luxaflex products come with the option for motorization, which can add convenience and functionality to window coverings and awnings.  In fact, motorized blinds do not require cords or cord tensioners.  Motorization features are also tailored to fit the distinct requirements of your design of coverings or shades.

  • iRemote:  accessible through your iPhone or iPad; for use with Roller blinds
  • Motorized Roller Blinds:  Qmotion Technology; HDR; Somfy; Merger
  • Duette Powerise:  hand-held remote or wireless wall switch; designed for hard-to-reach windows
  • Silhouette Powerise:  simple installation and replacement; long-lasting battery
  • Complete automated retractable roof systems

So consider contacting Luxaflex in the Sydney area or visiting their website for all of your window covering or awning needs.  Their products and work are backed by warranty.



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