Inspirational Deck Ideas for your Home

Thu 22 December 2016

outdoor deckDo you love spending time outdoors? Have you always wanted to entertain your guests in the best possible way? What better way than to build a deck. Not only does it add great value to your homes but makes the outdoor space more functional. You can enjoy great weather by having lunch or dinner outside with friends and family.


A few reasons why you should be investing in a deck

  • Makes for a great outdoor space which you can utilize for a host of functions and events
  • Can increase the sale value of your home
  • Adds a classy touch to your home and makes it aesthetically appealing
  • Provides outdoor space for the kids to enjoy themselves. Ever wonder why your kids are trussed up inside, building a deck is a great way of getting them to go outside and enjoy some fresh air.



Classy Deck Ideas for Savvy Homeowners

Here are a few lovely looking decks to take inspiration from


Small deck with stone garden

Pressed for space? Still want to build a deck outside your home? Don’t worry this quaint little deck looks very appealing. The addition of a small stone garden with different cacti plants adds to the Zen appeal of this small yet stylish space.


The lighted deck

This classy looking deck spells elegance with a capital E. The small spot lights placed strategically add to its overall look making the space look inviting and appealing. Imagine spending your time out here relaxing with loved ones. In good weather this deck can double as an outdoor dining area.


Deck with a swimming pool

The things which you can design or do with a deck are numerous. One of these includes decks with swimming pools. You can enjoy lounging on comfy chairs while the kids splash in the water. It’s a great way to spend Sundays with family as well as enjoy cool evenings with friends.


The simple looking deck

Don’t want anything ostentatious for your home? Do you love to keep things simple and stylish, an ordinary looking deck can be made all the more appealing with using the right kind of decorations.  The play of colors here adds to the beauty of the space. A small umbrella shaped pergola gives this space an inviting feel.


Vintage patio decks

White decks remind you of classic Georgian patios. When everything moved slow and steady, people enjoyed sitting outdoors and having a good chat. Gives you nostalgia? Why not bring alive that vintage feel by investing in a white patio deck complete with quaint furnishings? The cane sofas look comfy and inviting.


The modern deck

Want your home to have a classy yet modern look? Take a look at this modern looking deck with minimalist design and style. The classy quotient for this patio deck is quite high and would surely make your home the envy of all neighbors.


These stunning deck ideas are surely enough to inspire you to call these pergola builders from Melbourne. Make sure you check out a few of their other designs by visiting this deck building company here.


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